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FAQ for Tenants

Q.What is the minimum amount of time I can agree to rent a property?

Six months is the minimum contract term. A shorthold tenancy agreement is signed by both tenant and landlord, which is legally binding. You can give notice to end your tenancy at any time; however you will be required to continue to pay rent until the tenancy agreement ends, even if you have moved out.

Q. Do I need contents insurance?

The landlord is responsible for insuring the building.  As a tenant you are responsible for the contents of the property. We strongly advise you to obtain tenant’s content insurance to insure your own possessions that you store within the rented property. Your policy should contain accidental damage. Your possessions will not be covered by the landlord’s insurance if you suffer a break in or other loss or damage. Squarefoot can provide you with a quotation for suitable contents insurance form our preferred partners.

Q. What are the obligations of a tenant?

Tenants and landlords both have rights and obligations. Some are set out explicitly in the tenancy agreement. The main things to be aware of are property repairs, use of the property and giving property access to the landlord.

Q. Property Repairs

A tenant must use the property in what’s called “a tenant like manner” meaning that the tenant will be responsible for any property repairs that are the fault of the tenant. The tenant is normally responsible for the condition of the interior of the property. The tenancy agreement should be checked first as some landlords don’t allow tenants to redecorate. Tenants must pay for breakages and or damage in the property during the tenancy. If the tenant doesn’t pay for this at the time the landlord can make a claim for these deductions from the tenant’s deposit.

Q. Use of the property

A tenant must use the property solely for residential purposes and not to run a business of any kind from the property.

Q. Property access for the landlord

The landlord will need to visit from time to time to carry out repairs and safety checks and to check that the building is in good condition. A tenant must allow the landlord property access, however the landlord should always give notice to the tenants and give a minimum of 24hours notice. The landlord will have a set of keys to the property. They should never use these without the tenant’s consent, except in an emergency. If you have any questions please fill out the form to your right and we will be happy to answer them.